List of Illustrationsp. vii
Prologuep. 3
Introductionp. 5
1'Conducted by the Winds'p. 7
2'It Will End with a Lass'p. 14
3'Rough Wooing'p. 26
4'A Princess on This Earth'p. 32
5'Marvellous in Our Eyes'p. 44
6'A Thousand Deaths'p. 53
7'Excluded and Banned'p. 61
8'A Calm Mind'p. 69
9'Not of Ladies' Capacity'p. 79
10Queen of All Realmsp. 87
11'A Rash and Hazardous Young Man'p. 96
12'I Will Never See You Again'p. 105
13'A Stone of Marble'p. 119
14'Malicious Talk'p. 128
15'To Use Me as Her Sister or Daughter'p. 137
16'The Scots Proclaim Much But Their Threats Are Not Carried Out'p. 148
17'I Would Have Taken My Husband's Dagger and Stabbed Him with It!'p. 154
18Looking Through Their Fingersp. 162
19'So Horrible and Strange'p. 175
20The Mermaidp. 186
21'Whether She Would or Would Not'p. 193
22'So Wearied and Broken'p. 200
23'They Have Robbed Me of Everything I Have in This World'p. 208
24The Conspiracy for Her Husband's Murder'p. 217
25'Forced Out of My Kingdom'p. 226
26'Pain and Peril Seem Pleasant to Her'p. 233
27'With Her Own Hand'p. 244
28'You Have Promised to Be Mine'p. 251
29'Unnatural Sister'p. 263
30'No One Can Cure This Malady as Well as the Queen of England'p. 274
31'That Devilish Woman'p. 286
32'Green Ribbons'p. 297
33'I Am a True Queen'p. 304
34'Shipwreck of My Soul'p. 311
35'We Princes Are Set upon Stages'p. 318
36'I Am Ready'p. 327
37'An Abundance of Tears'p. 335
Notesp. 345
Bibliographyp. 359
Indexp. 393
Acknowledgementsp. 405