Introduction: Hey Girl, Hey!p. Xi
1The Lie: Something Else Will Make Me Happyp. 1
2The Lie: I'll Start Tomorrowp. 11
3The Lie: I'm Not Good Enoughp. 19
4The Lie: I'm Better Than Youp. 33
5The Lie: Loving Him Is Enough for Mep. 43
6The Lie: No Is the Final Answerp. 55
7The Lie: I'm Bad at Sexp. 73
8The Lie: I Don't Know How to Be a Momp. 81
9The Lie: I'm Not a Good Momp. 89
10The Lie: I Should Be Further Along by Nowp. 103
11The Lie: Other People's Kids Are So Much Cleaner/Better Organized/More Politep. 113
12The Lie: I Need to Make Myself Smallerp. 125
13The Lie: I'm Going to Marry Matt Damonp. 135
14The Lie: I'm a Terrible Writerp. 145
15The Lie: I Will Never Get Past Thisp. 153
16The Lie: I Can't Tell the Truthp. 161
17The Lie: I Am Defined by My Weightp. 175
18The Lie: I Need a Drinkp. 187
19The Lie: There's Only One Right Way to Bep. 197
20The Lie: I Need a Herop. 207
Acknowledgmentsp. 215
About the Authorp. 219