Introduction: Get Ready to Feel Betterp. 1
Part IA Medical Breakthrough
1What Is the Microbiome Breakthrough?p. 15
2Are You Functioning at Less Than 100 Percent?p. 31
3New Ways of Looking at Brain Healthp. 41
4Making the Most of Your Genesp. 53
Part IIHealing The Microbiome
5The Brain in Your Head and the Brain in Your Gutp. 73
6Eavesdropping on Your Microbiomep. 93
7Stress and the Thyroid Connectionp. 115
8The Will to Wholenessp. 137
Part IIIYour 4-Week Microbiome Protocol
9Step One: Your Microbiome Breakthrough Dietp. 159
10Step Two: Your Super Supplement Planp. 185
11Step Three: Check for Hidden Thyroid Issuesp. 193
12Step Four: Reactivate Your Willp. 201
Part IVMeal Plans And Recipes
13Microbiome Breakthrough Meal Plansp. 209
14Microbiome Breakthrough Recipesp. 227
Metric Conversionsp. 283
Resourcesp. 285
Notesp. 293
Acknowledgmentsp. 298
Indexp. 299